Friday, February 11, 2011

I want to speak english

Sometimes, people want to speak english, but look very weird if you don't know how to speak english but you still want to speak. But, if we don't try and feel shy-shy cat, forever we cannot speak. Ohhh my God. Can you understand what I try to tell you??? If you don't understand me, confirm you cannot speak english very well. Seriously, I look stupid when I speak in Malay. WTH??????

That day, I open my facebook account. I read my friend status, she said, "Abortion for two times". I thought, she try to abort the baby for the second time, but I wrong. So, I ask my friend, my friend is very clever in english. My friend said, the right word is miscarriage. Then, I agree with my friend. Even I not so clever to speak english, but I don't want to make myself feel shy if I use wrong words, then people can easily laugh and laugh at me. Damn!!

Then, I laugh at my sister. She also not so clever to speak english but so perasan she is very clever to speak. Haha. I laugh at her. What lah you ni, i said to her. She angry at me, he kick me. I kick her back because she very rude to me, I am her older sister, she cannot kick me, only me can kick her. Haha. Very crazy pig la my sister. I laugh at her because she said Baby Doll. I laugh and laugh, I said, not baby doll, its barbie doll. My sister said, it same what. Ohhh.. She dont want to believe me. I don't care about her, I don't want to teach her anymore. Let people laugh at her next time if she use wrong words.

What I think is, people always want to show off that they can speak english and know that words, but sometimes it's not. Like the celebrity in Malaysia, they like to use 2,3 words in english, but then continue with bahasa. What la, if you want to speak, you speak la, not need to mixed english and bahasa, just like me. This is my first time you know, I write in english for my blog. I very happy because I show that I good in english because all of you also can understand what I try to share with you all.

If you don't understand, I suggest to you all, find the words in dictionary, that the way my teacher teach me during school long-long time ago. That's why my english is good now.

Ok, I want to drink Milo, because drink Milo you feel very good and clever, just like me. See you later.


  1. me too...i oso want spik english




    aiyaa..very easy maa...ebelibodi can speak now..


  2. kila - you sepik english or sepik rambut? aiyooo

    kak cho - haa.. you very good lor.. very-very cleverer! haha

  3. 2 thumbs up for u..gud english... today is english day..yeehaa..

  4. mitu mitu...

    starts from now on i want to speak english everyday lah...


  5. bt i most like to speak in malaggis...

    coz sotime, i douno how to spell it in inggrish... so i mls2 to find it at kamus and mls2 to open goggle translate coz somtime the indon is come out....

    bt sometime,malaggis look so best la...i hink laa... hehe

  6. kah kah kah!wadehal ar yu toking abaut?plis go bek tu skul wif fasha!

  7. hahaha!!! u made my day!

    understandable. :D

    personally i write better in english so that is why i have another blog which is fully written in english, except for the first few entries.

  8. bak kata Usop Wilca...

    "itulah pentingyer ENGLISH EDUCATION"....


  9. aku budak tesl. honestly for me.. bahasa melayu lagi best .dan aku contoh manusia keras hati cakap bahasa melayu dlm kelas.ade aku kesah hee.xpyh nak tiru org putih sgt la.pnjajah kot tu dulu.hehhee

  10. hahaha
    wadehel la is this?
    i want to speak english also
    because i have to sit for muet test
    if i not pass i die


  11. days - u need to speak english la woi, today is english day. aiyooo.. only you speak bahasa, what the la you.. haha

  12. i try read your english in kelate verse....try la,it's more fun..hehehe...

  13. gud one bebey !

    u r rite, younger sister cannot kick elder sister.. less teach !

    i laugh and laugh too.

  14. very tired you know, to understand what you talking2 about.

    so crazy pig lah.

    keep on writing!

  15. azrina0307 nice..`less teach - kurang ajar` eh? wakakakkaka nice..hahha ai laugh too...

  16. i have to use google translator to read your entry because i do not understand english huhuhuhh....

  17. last time i the very shy shy cat i shy shy tiger...huhu..

  18. ok lets speak in english today to show off that we can speak english very well.. ha..ha.. even broken english is used all the time hi..hi..

  19. bravo GC
    write more in english,we luv your style
    it is ok to use the broken one,as long as u dare to speak.

  20. I am very good in English after using the dictionary ...
    in fact I have always failed in the English subject in school once ....
    but when the IPT I really like the subject ..